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mas·ter·y /ˈmast(ə)rē /noun -1. Comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment. "she played with some mastery" Similar: proficiency, ability, capability, knowledge, understanding.

Applying your mastery requires open and transparent communication. Mastery Chat provides safe integrated messaging for artists, musicians, makers and creators. Your data is yours and yours alone. Along with chat, membership gets you forever address books, calendars, todo list, and project management. All software is opensource with no ads, spam or data sharing.

When it comes to real time communications email is done. Over. Finished. Email was never designed for real time messaging, so naturally it doesn't do it well.

Today, relationships happen in real time. Projects move forward very quickly. Phone messaging is not up to the task. Mastery Chat is built on Rocket.Chat opensource software. To quote:

Open Source Team Communication. Rocket.Chat is free, unlimited and open source. Replace email, HipChat & Slack with the ultimate team chat software solution.

Makers and creators run mulitple interrelated projects requiring flexibility and accountability. The ability to naturally track projects by thread differently than by name supports complexity without disrupting the conversation. Chasing down details of who said what and when means less real work gets done. Constantly changing from voice messages, to txt, to email, to whatever harms the creative process. Accountability suffers when past commitments are difficult to access. Intellectual property attribution should be easy to track. The integrated messaging and archival features built into Mastery Chat provide a giant step forward.

My name is Kelley Graham and I hope you find my project useful. If you need custom integrations or managed branded services, call Kelley Graham at (520) 770-1200.